Capoeira Classes | Motumbaxe Capoeira | Brazilian Martial Arts | New York City


Afro-Brazilian martial art combining dance, gymnastics and music


Joao Bispo de Souza Neto, known as Mestre Lampréia – Founder of Motumbaxé Capoeira was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, where he began learning Capoeira with Mestre Sabiá in 1989.  Mestre Lampréia has been teaching Capoeira since 1995 and has taught in South America, Africa, Europe and the US.

Not only does Mestre Lampréia teach, but he also is extremely active in spreading the art of capoeira. He has participated in numerous workshops, batizados (rank changing ceremonies), jogos (competitions), and international cultural exchanges.  Having decided to make New York City his home, he continues to work with other instructors of Motumbaxé Capoeira in spreading the teachings, philosophy, and beauty of the art.



Learn fun martial arts techniques while strengthening your core, burning calories and increasing your flexibility



Children learn self discipline and self-defense all while boosting their confidence